Virility and vitality has been a symbol of power and valor. In men the complaint of inability to achieve or maintain satisfactory performance majorly revolves around having too little stamina. The feel that your energy is draining steady is totally bothersome. Longing to be vigorous, stronger and leaner being men, is natural and understandable.

According to recent stats, it was discovered that every men face low virility and sexual dysfunction at some stage of their lives. Most men fail to pursue treatment due to the complex nature of sexuality, taboos, and cultural restrictions. Whereas majority of people face difficulty discussing willingly regarding their condition that ultimately results in lack of confidence and self-esteem. Thus with course of time the condition might worsen if left untreated.

Are you are also the one who is tired of feeling weak?  Losing your strength and charm? Looking for effective options to boost up your liveliness?

No need to be worried anymore because we have a nature’s most potent aphrodisiac alternative ejex-logo-50per for you, to retrieve your energy and dominance with more manliness than ever before.


While the common approach towards regaining lost strength and masculinity is majorly directed towards trying prescription drugs, yet the side effects can never be left ignored. These prescription drugs increase vitality and vigor, can significantly affect other health areas as well.

Say goodbye to fatigue & boost your energy levels naturally!

From ages the natural remedies have been used and found helpful for men facing such issues. As the past suggests, nature also has its own remedies for problems of debility (feel of illness) and fatigue with not only least concerning side effects but also offering additional benefits in other health areas for increasing energy and endurance making you feel stronger & more focused!

ejex-logo-50perA Leap Forward in the aid of underlying causes of low vitality boosts performance, stamina and libido.

ejex-logo-50per is a daily natural performance enhancing supplement for men with healthy, natural & organic super-ingredients to not only help regain your vitality but also restore you full male potentials.

Being cheerless due to low vigor, stamina, libido and virility becomes worst when you cannot maintain relations with your loved one. But now you can have extra edge in life that comes from feeling better and stronger in day to day activities with restored manhood, confidence and improved circulation you need to perform better physically & mentally 24/7.

Escalate yourself with supplementary benefits of enhanced brain power, mental clarity & more focus:

Our advanced and enriched performance boosting formula-ejex-logo-50per utilizes natural ingredients to promote high energy levels, enhance male vitality and help increase mental clarity, thus making your more productive and focused.

ejex-logo-50per– a cost effective natural solution to such problems with least concerning side effects which will make you feel energized, driven and intensely satisfied with your performance.




Premium Quality


Helps maintaining optimal Testosterone Function


Aids in more Energy and Endurance


All essential natural ingredients available in one formulation free from heavy metals


Aid in better Libido and Sexual Health


Least concerning side effects


Cost effective solution.

Bicolored capsules


ejex-logo-50per is a combination of various different herbs that acts more or less similarly to help stimulate blood circulation and maintaining healthy hormone levels of testosterone.

Ginseng Root Extract: Numerous studies have been conducted over the herb and proved its effectiveness that it aids in restoring sexual functions in men. This herb has been believed that it helps to boost physical and mental activity among people who are weak and tired. Ginseng appears to have some beneficial effects on cognition, behavior and quality of life.

Reference:Ginseng- Multipurpose Herb/Chhotaram Seervi et al / J Biomed Sci and Res., Vol 2 (1), 2010, 6-17

Tongkat ali Extract: Tongkat Ali helps your body to produce testosterone at a steadily increasing rate. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for regulating bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and the production of red blood cells. Because Tongkat is an excellent tool for help balancing hormones, it has the additional effect of balancing energy and metabolism. The increased energy may also be helpful for supporting endurance during exercise.

Reference: Review on a Traditional Herbal Medicine/Molecules 2016, 21, 331/ Shaheed Ur Rehman, Kevin Choe and Hye Hyun Yoo

Maca Root Extract: It has been proven that Maca root has potentiality to help increase libido. Maca root is used extensively for its aphrodisiac properties and has an energizing effect – help increasing energy, stamina and endurance in athletes. Maca Root helps in increasing fertility, hormone balance, booster for the immune system, and increased energy, stamina, improved sexual function, memory, and focus.

Reference: Literature Education Series On Dietary Supplements/ 2000 Huntington College of Health Sciences

Ginkgo biloba:Research shows that ginkgo can help combat poor concentration, reverse cognitive decline and heal fatigue. It’s even useful for helping to treat cerebral insufficiency — a condition characterized by chronically low concentration, confusion, decreased physical performance, fatigue, headaches and mood changes.

Reference: Ginkgo biloba: Mind, Mood, and Memory/ JOURNAL OF APPLIED NUTRITIONAL SCIENCE

Horny Goat Weed: Horny Goat Weed has actually been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2000 years and considered as one of nature’s most powerful aphrodisiacs. Horny Goat Weed evidently helps to improve erectile dysfunction through hindering the activity of protein Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5 is responsible for blocking dilation of arteries). One reason why horny goat weed help improve your physical performance is because it can improve your blood circulation. An improved circulation will give you more energy that you can use for your workout.

Reference: Molecules 2014, 19, 9502-9514/ Effects of Icariin on Reproductive Functions

Muira puama (Potency Wood):Traditionally used to treat sexual dysfunction, this Amazonian herb is commonly used as an aphrodisiac. Amazonian herbalists and naturopaths refer to this botanical as “potency wood. Indigenous peoples use muira puama for the therapy of sexual debility, fatigue and neuromuscular problems.

Reference: Natural plants effective in treatment of sexual

Dysfunction/the Pharma Research (T. Ph. Res.), (2010), 4-2; 206-224. Published on- 15 Mar 2011


Pharmaceutical Grade Natural Product.

bicolored capsules are available in a quantity of 30’s, presented in a child resistant container.

Made with Earth grown Ingredients. Free from Heavy Metals

The consumer friendly packaging will help you ensure follow the regimen properly.



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